Forensics - Abortion
  In "Sexualität und Kriminalität" (Sexuality and Criminality - 1924) Hirschfeld describes his position on abortion:

"The crime against the seeds of a new life belong to the most common sexual crimes... Gynaecologists counted that three fourth all miscarriages are criminal, i.e. committed intentionally,..."

"As much I think on the question of contraception that it should be left to everybody's discretion from the viewpoint of human sexual freedom... whether contraceptive means are used or not, as much I am convinced, in accordance to my experience, that in most cases it has not in fact to to with thoughtlessness but with intensified sense of responsability. Therefore I regard as necessary that the social preconditions are made which lead the life welcoming will of having children to natural fertility...: as little one could succeed in convincing me that the fecundated egg cell, the embryo, is not already a living human being upon which, after being present, even the procreators cannot any more dispose freely.

On a biological point of view a woman who carry out an abortion stands closer to a child-murderer than a woman that takes contraceptives.

Hirschfeld is - he himself constantly stresses this point - "as much against abortion as he is against a penalization of abortion". Yet he strongly opposes "engels-makers"  1 2 , who make a commerce out of dealing "natural death". (Reform of the Penal Code)

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