Venereal Diseases
  One of the most important practical activities of the Institute was the diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases, conducted in the physical sexual ailments department.

"A large number of blood tests . . . were carried out; in all, the venereal disease department conducted over 5000 consultations and treatments for over 700 men and women in the year under report." (Hirschfeld 1920)

In addition, contraceptive methods of preventing infection were discussed at question-and-answer evenings at the Institute and in columns appearing in popular magazines. Ludwig Levy-Lenz wrote an article on syphilis and gonorrhoea in the magazine "Die Ehe" (Marriage).

In his pamphlet "The Nationalization of the Health Service" (1919), Hirschfeld presented far-reaching demands in combatting venereal diseases. He called for facilities providing examinations and treatment at no charge, sex education campaigns to fight venereal diseases, publication of contraceptive methods of preventing infection, and efforts to combat prostitution.

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