Hirschfeld's Visitor's Book in Exile
  Hirschfeld's visitor's book recorded entries by 214 people, among whom many Germans living in exile, visitors from France, England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Italy, the USA, the Soviet-Union, Jerusalem and Japan.

As well as the names and pictures of many famous physicians and scientists, there is a strikingly large number of entries in the book by artists and writers:

Expressionist artists such as Iwan and Claire Goll, Marc and Bella Chagall, Paul Valéry and Alfred Döblin, the Czech writer Karel Capek, the Yiddish writer Schalom Asch, the English poet Salomon Squire, the American anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman, and many others.


"I am very happy to be able to come here just like I went to the "Sanitätsrat" (Hirschfeld) in Berlin - and to find the same activity and spirit here as in Berlin!"
Paris, May 11 1934, Rudolf Leonhard

"Je plie et ne romps pas ..." (I bend but I don't break.) Alfred Kantorowicz  2   3 , "German Freedom Library", - here's to close cooperation againt Nazism and against barbarity
Paris, June 19 1934

"The men of today's Germany: Subjects from the archives of the Institute for Sexual Science who have strayed into government posts"
Dedicated to the competent physician, Professor M.H. - in admiration - Walter Mehring.
Paris, August 1934

"Who in Prussia or in Bavaria would have
Dreamt of a tree with candle light,
Under which we do once celebrate Christmas in Nice?
So let us thank our Führer!
To Magnus Hirschfeld - commemorating December 24 1934, when he sat with us under the fir-tree singing "Silent night".
Walter Hasenclever, Edith Schäfer

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