Marriage and Sexual Counselling Centre
  Even before the First World War, reform movements were making plans to establish marriage and sexual counselling centres, but it was not until the creation of the Institute for Sexual Science that we find an institution offering marriage and sexual counselling in Germany.

The activities of the Institute's marriage and sexual counselling centre are difficult to separate from the consultation hours offered there by a medical doctor  2 . The visitor statistics kept by the Institute offer only vague help here; for instance, for 1919/1920 the average number of visitors is listed as 50-60 and for 1924 the figure of about 20 "new cases" a week is given. One third of those seeking advice were "sexual transitions".

Between 1922 and 1932, over 400 sexual counselling centres with diverse approaches and emphases were founded by various public sponsors and reform movements in Germany; Berlin alone had forty such centres.  4 

Just as important as individual counselling was the anonymous counselling which took place during the question-and-answer evenings at the Institute. These were initially held once and later twice a month because of the great demand. At these evenings, visitors could place a note in a special question box and receive an answer at the next meeting.  5  (Venereal Diseases)

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